Sello Early Access Frequently Asked Questions

When does the early access presale begin?

Early access to Sello’s show will begin at 10:00am on Thursday October 6th 2022.

How and when will I receive early access?

Access details will be emailed to each customer once you’ve placed your order or signed up.

Am I guaranteed a ticket if I purchase the album?

Tickets are not guaranteed with your order. We are providing early access and tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis.

If I place more than one order, will I get additional access?

No, each customer will receive one access email.

What if I buy from a different retailer or store, do I qualify for early access to tickets?

No. To qualify for early access, you must purchase from the official store ( If you purchase via another retailer, you will not be eligible for early access.

What if I have more questions about early access or my order?

Contact us at if you have a question related to your order or the early access offer.

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