The Classic Video Game World of blur’s Ong Ong


Ong Ong will be the new song lapped up at Hyde Park this summer.” – NME

A three-chord wonder.” – Q Magazine

*“A warm-hearted chant-along declaration of fidelity.” – Mojo

Tony Hung, the award-winning British-born Chinese artist, has directed the video for blur’s latest track, the *‘warm-hearted chant-along declaration of fidelity’ which is Ong Ong, taken from the group’s latest chart-topping album The Magic Whip.

The track triggered Hung’s memories of 80’s gaming, with references including Mario, Popeye, Dig Dug, Ms Pac Man, Circus Charlie, Fantasy Zone, Kirby’s Adventure, Mickey Mouse, Ghostbusters Stay Puft, Reservoir Dogs and of course, Atari. The narrative is torn straight from a classic platform game and features Mr OK, the hero who rescues his beloved from the clutches of evils bosses.

Along the way, he meets Mr Cream (Damon), Mr Brown (Graham), Mr Red (Alex) and Mr Black (Dave) as they continue their adventures in the vibrant video game world.
blur - Ong Ong - STILL-04

The video release follows blur’s recent triumphant return to the US, which included a live performance of Ong Ong on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show and a packed out fan show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg described by Rolling Stone as ‘glorious’.

New album ‘The Magic Whip’ out now. Album available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download.

iTunes https://po.st/iTMW
Official Store https://po.st/osTMW
Google Play https://po.st/gpTMW
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